We create beautiful, clever digital solutions that solve business problems.

Our capabilities cover:

User Experience (UX)

Developing a digital solution needs to be informed by what customers actually want – not the assumptions of outsiders.

Our collaborative UX process consists of several phases tailored to your project needs, including:

  • Customer interviews to uncover pain-points and needs
  • Distilling insights that aren’t captured in feedback surveys
  • Mapping users’ decision-making journeys
  • Stakeholder workshops to sell in recommendations
  • Co-creative workshops to generate design solutions
  • Testing of design concepts with user action tracking

Get in touch with us to learn more about our UX service.

Cloud Based Software

Technology exists to make life more efficient, but businesses are often reluctant to implement change for fear of opening up a can of worms.

Our in-house developers are here to help with cloud app expertise to guide you through any digital transformation.

We design and develop bespoke cloud-based software and applications for businesses, including:

  • Custom apps
  • API integration
  • SaaS solutions
  • Forms automation

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Customer Login / Self Service Portals

Leveraging innovative technology and customer insights, Born Digital can reshape your customers’ login experience to meet both user needs and business needs – whether it’s retention, upselling, or cost-cutting.

As experts on cloud-based tech and system integration with over 13 years of experience, we work alongside you as a strategic and technical partner to maximise opportunities in your digital products.

Touch Screen Kiosks

As an alternative to human staff, interactive touch screen kiosks are typically used in public spaces for providing information to customers – saving everyone time and money.

Common applications we’ve designed for include way-finding at exhibitions and retail product finders, where our developers have added value by coding for ease-of-use (with both staff and customers in mind).

Have a look at some of the touch screen kiosks we developed recently.

Digital Wayfinding

Touch screen way-finding kiosks allow customers to navigate their way around buildings, malls, hospitals and universities.

View some of our recent way finding projects.

Corporate Websites

We plan, design and develop websites for medium to large sized enterprises that have all sorts of complex digital needs.

Our team is experienced in combining form and function in the digital space and we always add value by ensuring your team is equipped to take over the site once the project ends.

All code that we create has a 90 day warranty where any defects are fixed free of charge.

Here’s a range of websites we’ve designed recently.

Mobile Apps

We create native mobile apps for Android and iOS using Xamarin to share most of the source code between the platforms.

We also develop Progressive Web Apps which can be a good alternative to a native app for smaller projects.

Check out some of the mobile apps we’ve designed recently.


If you need an online shopping experience that’s convenient for customers (and that converts this digital experience into sales), talk to us about our eCommerce services.

We create online stores using the best in class shopping cart platforms including Shopify, Shopify Plus and uCommerce.

Take a look at some of the sites we’ve created that have eCommerce elements.


Content Management Systems

A key part of our collaborative approach with clients is making sure you are in control of the digital platform after it’s been developed.

Our CMS of choice is Umbraco, which is the most popular Microsoft .NET-based open source CMS in the world.