Self service portals

Self-service portals are more cost-effective than traditional service teams and they provide instant customer service 24/7.

We develop self service solutions for many industries including:


We develop seamless portals for parents, teachers and students to have a single place to view their class timetables, permissions slips, co-curricular activities, teacher to student communications.

We integrate with commonly used SaaS products for schools like Canvas, Engage, Clipboard, Pixevity, PowerBI , EventBrite, EdSmart and Wonde and we are able to use existing authentication methods like Azure AD, SAML or OAuth

Membership organisations

We enable self service for members to enable them to perform common tasks such as pay their membership fees, buy course materials, update CPD, attend events and edit their profile. We often integrate with CRM systems like Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics.



Recent Self service portals projects