Vehicle Fleet Management System

A web based tool for Fleet Managers

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About the client

Toyota Fleet Management – a division of Toyota Financial Services - provides vehicle and equipment management services to both private and public sector companies as well as government agencies.

Fleet managers need to keep track of hundreds of vehicles, each at a different stage in its leasing lifecycle, in various locations across the country. We were tasked with taking a very manual and arduous way of managing fleets and digitising it.

Adopting the Toyota Philosophy of continuous improvement, we knew we had to create something that was intuitive and reliable for both fleet customers and internal staff members to use.

The solution includes a clean dashboard that summarises critical information for fleet managers to view in a format that is easy to understand. Our team worked hard to ensure the solution was intuitive and reduced the need for extensive user training whilst catering for customisation and unique company information to be added when necessary. This allowed Fleet Managers to hit the road running – at the speed limit of course.

The Fleet Portal is a value-added tool designed for Toyota Fleet Management. Since going live, customer satisfaction has dramatically increased and provides yet another reason for businesses to choose Toyota Fleet Management as their trusted advisors.

Toyota MyDrive

The most recent delivery on the product road map introduces a mobile app available on iOS and Android.

With Toyota MyDrive, drivers can now manage all vehicle events in one location – placing vehicle management in the hands of drivers whilst streamlining fleet management for organisations.

Direct integration with the Toyota Fleet Portal ensures that all updates recorded in app are transferred and stored in the Toyota Fleet Portal, helping fleet controllers stay on top of managing their fleet.

The result

Increased efficiency for processing contract variations.

Highlighting overdue vehicle servicing and WOF requirements in line with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.

Vehicle and driver management from one central location.

Services Provided

  • User Interface Design (UI)
  • Testing and QA
  • Software
  • Agile Project Delivery
  • Self service portals

Technology used

  • React
  • React Native
  • .Net
  • .net core
  • Kubernetes
  • Redux
  • Azure
  • Auth0
    Auth 0
  • Node.js
  • RxJS
  • Material-UI
    Material Ui