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About the client

Stuff NZ are the leading news provider in New Zealand via their website stuff.co.nz

The solution

Stuff embarked on a large internal project during 2022 to create and launch regional masthead websites. 

These websites house both regional and national news content and are the digital equivalent to the local printed newspapers.

The first three to launch were The Press, The Waikato Times and The Post

These websites are based on an entirely new tech stack that was chosen to help future proof their digital publishing solution.





The result

This was an enterprise project that had us working together as a blended team with Stuffs' in-house digital staff and alongside other vendors in New Zealand and overseas.

We the roles that we provided were

  • Agile Scrum Master
  • React Developers
  • Mobile App developers
  • Accessibility expert
  • Frontend Developers
  • QA Testers


Services Provided

  • Agile Project Delivery
  • Websites
  • Testing and QA

Technology used

  • API Integration
  • React
  • HTML5

The website frontend and mobile apps was developed using React.JS and Capacitor.JS Behind the scenes are a mix of best in class digital publishing tools inlcuding Piano for subscription management, Drupal for content storage, Naviga for article authoring and Azure B2C for authentication.