One CMS to rule them all !

Services Provided
  • Design
  • CMS
  • API Integration
  • HTML5
  • Kubernetes (k8s)
  • Publishing
  • New Zealand

Bauer New Zealand run 11 (and growing) editorially led websites that generate revenue from digital ads and sponsored content.

They came to us with a problem of a growing number of websites and different platforms that these websites had been built on. This was causing inefficiencies with technical resourcing and an a high level of repetition required across each site to add features. 

We built a new content publishing platform (affectionately nick named FRODO) to centralise all website content. This multi-tenanted CMS solution was designed to enable module sharing between sites which drastically reduce the quantity of coding required to release a new feature across all brands.

This also meant the we were able to simplify the hosting arrangements and have a single technology stack using Azure, Docker and Kubernetes to serve all of the various websites.

The Kubernetes cluster has reduced hosting costs by 60% and improved page load speeds by 600%.