Barker College

A modern new website as part of a full rebrand. Collaborating with the client led to the development of new features that demonstrate Barker College’s progressive and community-oriented spirit.

Barker College banner image

About the client

Barker is a highly respected and renowned private school on Sydney’s North Shore. It used to be considered rather stuffy, but to keep up with the times and appeal to a new generation of parents, the school rebranded. As part of that we completely reimagined the website experience.

During this full redesign and rebuild project to match the new branding created by Principals, we saw opportunities to create an online experience that would benefit not only the school’s administrators – but also the parents of children who attended the school.

We gave Barker College admins the ability to manage 3 websites from a single multi-tenanted source, where they could control and update content with ease

Delving deeply into users’ needs, we created an online sports fixtures system to help parents stay up-to-date with their kids’ activities. Caregivers can simply check the website for the latest schedule – which is easily managed by Barker College administrators who upload the updated XLS files for the week.

To inspire prospective parents with Barker College’s future vision, the school map was brought to life as a 3D diagram of the grounds that allowed users to show and hide various layers.

Services Provided

  • User Interface Design (UI)
  • Testing and QA
  • Websites
  • Umbraco CMS

Technology used

  • Umbraco CMS
  • API Integration
  • HTML5
  • Azure Hosting
  • .Net