Support Desk

Tags: Technical Support Clients - Sep 15, 2022

What is support desk?

Our Service Desk operates Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm excluding public holidays.

If your product requires support/for us to be available outside of these hours, please contact us regarding a support SLA.

Technical support is available via the support desk for the following:

  1. Service Requests: user support and training.

  2. Incidents / Bugs: root cause analysis and resolution.

  3. Change Requests: minor product adaptations and enhancements.

For major feature requests call or email your Account Manager or the General Manager on 0800 999 386.


How are tickets billed?

For billing purposes, all tickets raised will be charged as follows (if not covered by code warranty):

  1. A minimum charge of 2 hours ($370) billable work will apply for each ticket raised

  2. After that, you will be charged for the time spent working on your issue and not on any particular outcome.

  3. Please note up to 4 hours of billable work ($740) will be completed to resolve your issue or change request. If further time is required we will then provide an estimate.

  4. Work is charged as Time & Materials.

  5. When a ticket is completed the total cost incurred will be confirmed.
    Tickets are invoiced on a monthly basis.

If you are not happy for Born Digital to proceed under these terms please do not raise a ticket via the Service Desk - call or email your Account Manager or the General Manager on 0800 999 386.


Tips on raising tickets

Details of your issue: - If you are reporting a technical problem or bug, please ensure you include the Page URL (front end / CMS edit page), relevant screenshots, frequency of issue, and the browser/devices the issue is occurring on.

If you are submitting a Change Request, please include your deadline, budget and any relevant attachments with your brief.

If you have raised a ticket outside of business hours and require urgent resolution, once you have created the ticket please call 0800 999 386.