What is a 'multi tenanted' CMS ?

Tags: Umbraco CMS - Aug 22, 2023


If your marketing team look after more than one website, a multi tenanted CMS could be a great choice.

What does multi tenanted mean ?

A multi tenanted content management system is where there is a single CMS that can manage content for multiple websites.

Website administrators login, then based on their user permissions - they can update several websites from the one place.

Hosting Costs

In most cases all of the websites that are setup in the multi tenant can run from the same hosting plan which could mean that 5 websites might cost the same for monthly hosting as a single website.

CMS Upgrade and security patches

These updates are only once for the single CMS instance, so big cost savings here for ongoing maintenance

Shared code

You can also share various page technical components across several websites, the code base is the same, but the styles and branding would be different .

Keep your IT manager happy

Standardising all of your brand websites into one enterprise grade platform should also make your IT manager happy, one vendor to manage, a single CMS to train staff on, only one platform to worry about security for.