AI tools

Tags: AI - May 23, 2023

Here are a few AI tools that we have found recently.


Do you have what could be a great photo of someone and it's blurry?   Imagine if you could un-blur a face just like the zoom and enhance you may have seen on CSI Miami !  

Well, now you can by using:


Photo editing and image creation via AI 


Until recently to train a real voice to use for AI applications, you would need 40-50 hours of voice recordings to create a gold master of a human voice.  Now it can be done by recording a handful of words: 

Demo here:  (the words under the heading 'text' was all that was recorded to create the digital version.

Want to hear Frank Sinatra sing Gangsters Paradise ?

Computer Vision

APIs from Microsoft that we can use in projects now to analyse photos and video in real time: 


Create realistic voiceovers from web based tool 

Convert image to Vector really handy for making SVGs for websites 


Chat with famous people  have a quick chat with Elon Musk or Genghis Khan.


Create your own music from a simple text prompt  - great for a short loop as a background track to a video.

Extract items from photos  allows you to clearcut individual items from the same photo