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Supercharge Your Business with Custom Software from Born Digital

When it comes to custom software and cloud-based solutions, Born Digital is your partner and your valued resource. Perhaps you’ve just launched a new business and need a software system that can be the digital lifeforce of your company and its daily operations. Alternatively, your business may be growing rapidly and has outgrown its existing IT system. Regardless, our cloud-based software team can help you develop a solution that incorporates everything you need and then some.

Benefits of Born Digital

When you choose Born Digital as your custom software development company, you get more than just a few people with computers. Our business has grown considerably over the past 14 years, from a two-person operation to a team of 20 and counting. Here are a few benefits of working with this superb team.

  • Our versatility: Whether you need a talent management system, a digital publishing platform or a multifaceted software system, we can provide a bespoke application to meet your needs. Read about some of our past projects on our Cloud-Based Software landing page.
  • Our focus on the user interface: The most innovative bespoke software in the world isn’t much without a stable user interface. We keep principles of intuitive UI, utilising the latest frameworks like Material UI at the foundation of everything we do.
  • Our Agile collaborative focus: No one knows better what you need from your tailored software solutions than you. With this thought in mind, we make a point of building customer relationships that are all about collaboration and back-and-forth flow of ideas, insight and feedback. We want you to be involved in the development process because it helps us meet your needs.

Common Mistakes People Make with Custom Software

As you look to hire a software development company for your new custom development project, take care to avoid these common mistakes.

  • Not thinking through all your needs: One thing we tell our clients all the time is that a piece of cloud-based software can often serve more than one need simultaneously. We can integrate multiple features into your software or devise several different software tools that work seamlessly together. Just take some time to consider thoroughly what you need and what you want before you pull the trigger on a custom software project.
  • Not emphasising communication with the development team: As we mentioned above, collaboration is the name of the game when you hire us as your development team. This kind of communication should be at the core of any customer-developer relationship. If it isn’t, or if a developer you are considering doesn’t seem to value communication much, look elsewhere.
  • Not asking for examples of past work: Anyone can talk up their skills, but nothing tells the story of a development team and their capabilities like a completed work product. We would be happy to show you some of our previous projects, so you can see what our team can do. 

What Sets Born Digital Apart as a Software Development Company

If you are researching multiple development companies for your next tailor-made software project, you might wonder what sets Born Digital apart from the rest. Here are a few factors that make us different.

  • We charge fair prices: Price isn’t everything with software development, but it certainly is something. We are a smaller business than many of our competitors, which means we have lower overheads and can pass those savings onto our customers. Our 2 week Agile Sprints allow for frequent client feedback and help streamline the development effort.
  • We are skilled in both frontend design and backend development: One of the factors that we always say sets us apart from our competitors is our dual skill in front-end design and backend development. From apps to websites and beyond, these abilities enable us to build products that look terrific and offer intuitive interfaces, but that also function free of bugs or technical debt. 

Related Services We Provide to Cloud-Based Software

Cloud-based software is just part of what we do at Born Digital, though it is a huge focus. Some of our other services include the following.

  • Website design: We pride ourselves on intricate website designs, including development for sites that get a lot of traffic, that handle multiple brands, divisions or locations, and more.

  • Touch screen kiosks: For libraries or businesses in industries such as vehicle rental, self-service kiosks can reduce work for employees and cut down on the time of service for customers. We have designed custom touch screen kiosks for numerous clients, incorporating state-of-the-art features that take customer experience into the next generation.

  • Mixed reality: From real estate tours to employee training modules, there has been much talk lately about all how virtual reality and augmented reality could revolutionise numerous industries. We are hoping to be at the forefront of that new chapter, developing powerful mixed reality apps that introduce brand-new experiential tools and immersive learning opportunities.

The list of services we offer goes on and on, including everything from digital wayfinding (useful for helping visitors find their way around your premises) to e-commerce (scalable, 24/7 web stores to help you take advantage of the continually growing online shopping trend). Here’s a full list of the services we provide, including custom software development.

About Born Digital

We started Born Digital in 2005. At the time, we were a website development company with a large and rapidly growing base of clients. Over the years, as technology evolved and new devices and trends came to light, we expanded outward and embraced new services and ideas. Today, we are proud to offer both agile software development and a range of other functions suited to the tech-savvy businesses out there. Whether you require a new piece of custom software or want to talk to us about the benefits of self-service kiosks or mixed reality apps, we’d love the chance to speak with you. Contact us today to get started.